Firewood for Fireplaces & Wood Stoves

Wood for Fireplaces & Indoor Wood Stoves and wood for Barbecuing (BBQ), Smoking, & Grilling: Wake Forest, North Raleigh

Premium Wood Products

Andrew’s Tree Pros sells several different kinds of premium wood products: Indoor Wood for fireplaces and wood stoves, Outdoor Wood for outdoor wood stoves and campfires, and Mixed Wood Chips.
Seasoned Mixed Wood Chips delivered to Wake Forest and North RaleighIndoor Wood Stoves and Fireplaces need to burn fully seasoned wood to prevent Creosote buildup – Seasoned Oak is the best. Our Premium Seasoned Oak was split last Winter and has been shed-stored for more than a year.

Outdoor Wood Stoves can burn just about anything. They still build up Creosote, but are easily cleaned. We recommend partially seasoned Pine, Poplar, Sweet Gum, or Maple. Seasoned Campfire Wood makes getting a fire started much easier; usually without using any lighter fluid or other harmful chemicals. Our Premium Campfire Wood is split and seasoned for up to 9 months.

Firewood pricing varies depending on the season. We deliver within 10 miles of our log yard for $25 and we’ll even stack the wood for $25 more.

Andrew’s Tree Pros also sells Seasoned and Fresh Mixed Wood Chips. Free Delivery withing 10 miles of our log yard is provided with a minimum purchase of 10 cubic yards. Pricing varies depending on season.

For more information and or pricing on our wood products please contact us today.

Maple BBQ Cooking Wood

Maple Wood produces a mildly sweet, medium smoky taste. Best for cooking chicken and pork with vegetables. Different types of Maple Trees give meat different flavors. Sugar Maple is most the most commonly used type [...]

Pecan BBQ Cooking Wood

Pecan Cooking Wood gives meat a sweet, medium fruity, slightly nutty taste with a medium smoky flavor. It is great with beef, chicken, and especially pork ribs. Pecan is one of the more popular grilling [...]

Hickory BBQ Cooking Wood

Hickory Wood gives meat the strongest smoky flavor of all cooking woods. Hickory is great with beef and pork. It has a strong flavor that complements all meats. Hickory Wood is usually mixed with other [...]

Apple BBQ Cooking Wood

Apple Wood gives meat a sweet fruity taste and a mildly smoky flavor. It is most commonly used with chicken and pork but is great for all meats. Apple wood mixes well with Cherry, Oak, [...]

Oak BBQ Cooking Wood

Oak Cooking Wood gives meat a medium smoky flavor with no aftertaste; more than apple and cherry, but less than hickory. It's great with almost all meats: beef, poultry, pork, even fish. Oak is great [...]

Cherry BBQ Cooking Wood

Cherry Wood is best used for grilling or smoking poultry and pork. It usually gives the lighter meats a pinkish red tint to dark brown tint. The smoke taste is mild and gives meats a [...]