Climbing, limbing, and topping a tree…

If a tree can’t be dropped whole, it will need to be climbed, limbed, and topped. The ground crew waits below to remove and chip branches after they are cut.

Limbing while climbing is one of the most dangerous parts of the job. If a tree climber cuts there rope while cutting a branch, they will be stuck in the top of a tree with their boot spikes and a prayer.

Tree topping while climbing is probably the most dangerous part of the job, especially on windy days. A tree climber can do everything right, but if a wind gust comes along at the wrong time, the tree-top can fall in the wrong direction – sometimes bring the tree climber down with it.

Also watch how the tree op sways back and forth once the top falls. Once the top starts falling, you’ll notice the tree climber quickly cut through the base of the top. If they leave a hinge connecting the tree-top to the tree, the tree-top may not break off, but swing down and slam back into the tree.

Needless to say, you’ll pay more to get a tree down if it has to be climbed, limbed, and topped…

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