Bobcat feeding a large tree into Wood Chipper…

Watch our wood chipper tear through this large Poplar tree within a matter of seconds. Heavy duty tree service equipment is expensive but will cut the job-time in half. Always find out what kind of equipment a tree service will be using. There is a huge difference between a 6″, 9″, and 12″ chipper.

Our wood chippers can handle any tree less than 12″ in diameter. All other logs are loading onto a log truck and taken to the mill to be used for lumber or paper products.

We removed 35 large 100′ Pine trees in two days, including grinding all the stumps. This would have taken a week or more without a powerful wood chipper.

Check out our stump grinder in action in some of the other videos. Grinding 35 stumps with anything else would take a day and half whereas our remote-operated Carlton stump grinder only took two hours.

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