How much leaves and debris is left…

Cutting trees spreads leaves, pine straw, gumballs, and branches all over your yard. Many Tree Services only include removing the tree trunk and most larger branches in their estimates. Raking and blowing leaves and smaller debris can add hours to a job. If you expect professional landscaping with a standard Tree Removal Estimate you will be sorely disappointed.

  • ASK EACH TREE SERVICE: How much time do you all spend cleaning up leaves, pine straw, gum balls, and small debris?

Imagine you are, for example, having 20 Pine Trees and 20 Gum Ball Trees removed from all around your house. Some Tree Services may remove the tree trunks, larger branches, and possibly hand-pick through the underbrush removing some smaller branches/twigs.

You are now left with a 6″ thick ocean of Pine Straw, Gum Balls, and smaller branches/twigs. It may take a team of 4 guys around 4 – 6 hours to rake and remove all the debris from the yard. As well as any number of wheel barrel trips, truck loads, and hours of blowing.

If you want you yard completely clear of debris after a Tree Removal expect to pay a higher amount per tree. It could be anywhere from $25 to $200 more for a Pine Tree or $100 to $1,000 more for an Oak Tree. It all depends on how much debris and how large an area must be cleaned-up. If the debris can be raked and blown into a natural area, the cost will be less. If all the debris must be raked, filled in wheel barrels, and removed by truck, the cost will be higher. If you wait until the Winter and the leaves have fallen, there will be less debris to clean-up.

  • ASK EACH TREE SERVICE: Do you charge less to remove trees after the leaves have fallen off? During the Winter?

If a Tree Service doesn’t have to clean-up any leaves or debris, they may charge less. Also, many areas of the country experience a decline in Tree Service demand during the colder months. A Tree Service with an open schedule may be a softer negotiator and will probably be able to complete the job sooner than usual.

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