Asking about Insurance…

Some of the price for Cutting & Removing Trees includes compensating the Tree Service for assuming considerably high risks. Even the most skilled and experience tree climber can’t always account for all the different factors affecting the direction a tree will fall. Even if they could, mistakes are possible and Tree Services should be insured with a policy limit high enough to repair any damage they may cause to your property.

  • ASK EACH TREE SERVICE – How much does your Liability Insurance Policy cover?

If the Tree Service has Liability Insurance you want to find out up to how much they are covered. Some Tree Services may only be covered for up to $50,000. If they happen to destroy a $250,000 house, they are only covered for 1/5th of the reconstruction costs. In general, a Tree Service should be insured for more than the property value at risk of being damaged.

The Tree Service is also liable for any personal injuries caused by any of their employees while they are on your property. They should ask for the property to be vacated and the area secured while cutting trees. If for any reason the property cannot be vacated, the potential for personal injury liabilities will increase the cost of cutting and removing the trees. In this case the tree Service should have enough coverage to cover potential injuries to each individual on the property. Most legitimate Tree Services have at least $1,000,000 liability insurance policy to cover potential injuries they cause to others. Keep in mind that this does not cover the property owner if an employee of the Tree service injures themselves.

  • ASK EACH TREE SERVICE – Do you have workman’s compensation insurance?

In most states, if a person is injured on your property then you, the property owner, will be held liable. Normally this is only an issue for public places, but the law applies to a personal residence as well. If a tree climber is injured falling from a tree and the Tree Service doesn’t have Workman’s Compensation Insurance, the property owner is technically liable. In most circumstances the Tree Service or the injured employee will handle their own medical costs but you should be protected just in case. Many Tree Services don’t have Workman’s Compensation policies because so many of their customer’s are unaware of the potential liability.

Be sure and get proof directly of both Liability and Workman’s Compensation directly from the insurance company. The Tree Service should ask their insurance company to send you updated certificates of liability and workman’s compensation. The certificate should be address to the property owner and it is a good idea to call them to verify its authenticity.

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