BBQ Wood for Grilling & Smoking

BBQ Wood for Grilling & Smoking 2016-10-18T10:58:53+00:00

Maple BBQ Cooking Wood

Maple Wood produces a mildly sweet, medium smoky taste. Best for cooking chicken and pork with vegetables. Different types of Maple Trees give meat different [...]

Pecan BBQ Cooking Wood

Pecan Cooking Wood gives meat a sweet, medium fruity, slightly nutty taste with a medium smoky flavor. It is great with beef, chicken, and especially [...]

Hickory BBQ Cooking Wood

Hickory Wood gives meat the strongest smoky flavor of all cooking woods. Hickory is great with beef and pork. It has a strong flavor that [...]

Apple BBQ Cooking Wood

Apple Wood gives meat a sweet fruity taste and a mildly smoky flavor. It is most commonly used with chicken and pork but is great [...]

Oak BBQ Cooking Wood

Oak Cooking Wood gives meat a medium smoky flavor with no aftertaste; more than apple and cherry, but less than hickory. It's great with almost [...]

Cherry BBQ Cooking Wood

Cherry Wood is best used for grilling or smoking poultry and pork. It usually gives the lighter meats a pinkish red tint to dark brown [...]